How well do you understand autism?

Learn some simple steps you can take to make your workplace or classroom more accommodating for people on the autism spectrum.

Young woman smiling at computers as they learn about autism.

Films and TV have pushed the image of people with autism as genius savants or social outcasts. Think Dustin Hoffman from the film ‘Rain Man’: emotionally stunted but mentally gifted. But that’s a very black and white perspective of what’s really a rainbow spectrum.

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Editorial Consultancy: A Beginner’s Guide

At some point in your career, you might find yourself doing a project as an editorial consultant. This position covers a varied range of sub-roles, but usually means working with a publication or organization to improve their content, adapt it to a certain audience, or expand its readership.


Even if you never end up in this formal position, these are all challenges you will no doubt run into while establishing your own work. Understanding how to approach these projects is therefore vital.

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24 hours in Guildford: how you should explore the historical wonderland

This quiet surrey town is a historical treasure trove, our day-trip guide explains how you can best enjoy it.

A statue of George Abbot, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who attended the Royal Grammar School in Guildford.

Few people have heard of Guildford, tucked away in rural Surrey. However, it’s a town seeped in history and culture, hiding crumbling castles and magical mirrors. If you have just one day to explore, here’s the highlights you absolutely must catch.

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Collaborating and Workflow: A Beginner’s Guide

Most people hear the term ‘group project’ and groan. I’m one of the rare people out there who genuinely like them. That’s not to deny that when you get stuck with a group that’s slow to do the work, it’s an absolute slog. But about 90% of those problems can alleviated by clear communication and workflow, which can lighten the load for everyone.

Collaboration group projects
Once everyone’s on the same page, group projects can become downright enjoyable. ©Kim McGill

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Social Media: A Beginner’s Guide

Tripping on a social media banana.
Don’t just throw social media content around like trash; use it to your advantage

You can barely take a step on the modern internet without tripping over various social media platforms. They truly are a must for advertising content and building a community. However, they are neither a magic spell for instant success, or a formless mass that all works the same.

Here are the basic essentials for getting ahead on social media as a content creator.

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Presentations: A Beginner’s Guide

A common statistic is that over 70% of people are afraid of public speaking. With that in mind, it’s no wonder most people hate giving presentations. Standing in front of groups of people, sharing your ideas and fielding unexpected questions… Not most folks’ idea of a fun time.


But it doesn’t have to be terrible. Here are some tips to keep your presentations crisp, clear and (mostly) stress free.

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